Why it is called FearlessEve?

Our brand name speaks by itself. Fearless and Eve (Women) = FearlessEve

1. Fearless to face any challenges

Our name is a promise that, with our products by their side, every Filipina can face the challenges of each day fearlessly. It will uplift their spirit and increase their self-confidence.

2. Fearless that there will be NO MORE TAGOS

With our high quality Tampon as a substitute to the traditional sanitary napkin, Filipina women can be confident, worry-free, and fearless that there will be no more blood stain in their pants, dress, or skirt. 

3. Fearless in breaking barriers and redefining norms

Filipina women are boldly stepping into a new era of feminine care, fearlessly embracing the trend of tampons in Asia. Tampons have been a usual thing in America and Europe for a long time, Filipinas are breaking barriers and embracing change with confidence and openness. It's a testament to their courage and adaptability, redefining norms and making a statement that feminine care is evolving for the better.

4. Fearless in trying new things

Modern Filipina women are fearless in embracing new experiences and learning new things like exploring the comfort and convenience of using a tampon than a traditional sanitry napkin.

5. Fearless to be active even in their mentrual period

Using our comfortable tampons in their mentraul period, Filipina women can still be active, do sports, and go swimming even they are having their menstration. They can be fearless that their menstration period can't limit their active lifestyle.